Developmental Biology Research Affinity Group



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A thorough understanding of developmental biology is the foundation to diagnosing, managing, and ultimately curing myriad childhood diseases and disorders. The Developmental Biology Research Affinity Group propels this endeavor by delving into the fundamental mechanisms of the field and translating this scientifically based work into improved care for all children.

Launched in 2013, the Developmental Biology Research Affinity Group, serves as an interdepartmental and interdivisional program positioned to augment and elevate existing research efforts at Children’s Hospital. This program aspires to implement a "bedside to bench and back to bedside" paradigm inherent when developmental biology research is tightly linked to the care of children.

The group’s mission extends beyond innovative and cutting-edge basic and translational developmental biology research to include training the next generation of pediatric clinician-scientists who will further advance and lead research in the field.