Clinical Trials Financial Management



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The Clinical Trials Financial Management (CTFM) team of the Research Institute acts as a centralized resource for the financial management of clinical trials by offering a variety of support services that help primary investigators and their teams turn scientific discovery into medical innovation. CTFM plays a key role in advancing clinical research at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia by streamlining the financial management process and assisting researchers in the areas of patient care cost management, budget preparation, research subject registration, patient scheduling, research charge review, and more.

Within CTFM, the Financial Analyst team prepares, negotiates, and reviews study budgets; the CTFM Research Access Center and Research Charge Review ensure the accuracy and compliance of all registration and billing for clinical trials patients and research funds. The CTFM Accountant Team provides administrative and accounting support throughout the life cycle of a clinical trial, including the creation of financial reports, preparing and tracking sponsor invoicing, and managing accounts receivable and grants closeouts.