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The Center for Autism Research gathers experts from diverse backgrounds to look at the various aspects of autism. Using this multidisciplinary approach, CAR draws connections that give us a more complete understanding of the causes of autism, how autism presents in its various forms and how to develop interventions, support systems and therapies that we can tailor to a person’s specific needs across their lifetime.

Additionally, CAR is committed to making sure our research discoveries reach families and practitioners quickly so that families can quickly benefit from research driven advances.

Autism and the Philadelphia Eagles

Huddle Up for Autism

Huddle Up For Autism

April 3, 2022

Huddle Up for Autism, sponsored by the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, is an annual sensory-friendly family fun and autism awareness day at Lincoln Financial Field. Celebrating its 13th year in 2022, the event provides families living with ASD a day to enjoy experiences they might never have otherwise, like kicking a field goal or running through the helmet tunnel. Every year, staff from the Center for Autism Research look forward to volunteering at this one-of-a-kind event, and they connect with families about the working happening at CAR. The event combines fun activities with hands-on exposure to research. In 2021 and 2022, the event was transitioned to a drive-by experience for families, in order to allow for social-distancing and other safety measures, while still providing a day focused on our families.

Eagles Autism Challenge

Eagles Autism Challenge

May 21, 2022

The Eagles Autism Challenge is dedicated to raising funds for innovative research and programs to help unlock the mystery of autism. In its first three years, the Eagles Autism Challenge has raised nearly $10 million dollars, including more than $2 million for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, to provide the necessary resources to doctors and scientists at leading institutions. The Eagles Autism Challenge aims to inspire and engage the community, so together, we can provide much needed support to make a lasting impact in the field of autism, to assist those currently affected by autism as well as future generations. Join Team CHOP today!