Behavioral Health in Urban Schools Program Research Overview



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Project RISE: Sustainment of Mental Health Supports in Under-Resourced Urban Schools

Project RISE (Resources and Internal Supports for Evidence-based Practices) aims to compare fidelity, penetration, cost-effectiveness, and student outcomes of mental health interventions across two sustainment models. The study also aims to explore mediators and moderators of consultation support on implementer fidelity.

CARE: Development and Pilot Testing of a Remote Training Strategy for the Implementation of Mental Health Evidence-Based Practices in Rural Schools

The CARE (Coaching and Asynchronous Remote Training for Evidence-Based Practices) study uses an iterative process to develop and evaluate the appropriateness, feasibility, acceptability, and to test the effectiveness of a remote training platform that provides resources to support use of Tier 2 Evidence-based Practices and effective support for care coordination practices in rural schools.