Getting Started with Aquatic Zebrafish



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Working with us is easy. Here are the steps to get started:

Contact Us
Step 01

Contact us
We can help plan your project and will explain how to get started. There is no charge for initial consultation and advice.

Learn about zebrafish and the ZF Core
Step 02

Learn about zebrafish and the ZF Core. Have a look at some of the amazing features of zebrafish and learn about our services and our team.

Complete Registrations
Step 03

Complete Registrations
IACUC: All research with vertebrate animals must be approved by CHOPs IACUC. The Core has its own protocol for disease modeling and we can add you project as an amendment.

iLab registration: You must also register your funds with CORES for animal costs.

Complete Training
Step 04

Complete Training
All researchers must complete a basic online and hands-on training before being added to the IACUC protocol. Please contact the iacuc [at] (IACUC)class="spamspan" for further information.  After this initial training we will train you in all important zebrafish techniques.



For general inquiries, scheduling, and for additional information on services please contact:

Christoph Seiler, PhD, Director
Abramson Research Center, Room 1102B 
3615 Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104