Aquatic Zebrafish Equipment



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The zebrafish facility is a 576-tank fish facility made by Aquaneering that offers sufficient space for several labs with the option for expansion to 1,080 tanks. The water system is equipped with a fluidized bed biofilter and is fully automated, providing stable water conditions. Additional features include an alarm system that minimizes accidental risk to the animals and incubators required to grow zebrafish larvae.

Four microinjection stations are available to inject freshly fertilized zebrafish eggs for Crispr/Cas9 knock-outs, transgenesis, and more.

Equipment and reagents to perform in situ mRNA hybridization, antibody staining, and other histological and functional staining is available, as well as a Microtome for 3uM thin sectioning of JB-4 plus embedded larvae.

Three work benches with all necessary equipment for molecular biology is available for genotyping, molecular cloning, and reagent preparation.

The facility houses two Olympus SZ51 and 1 Leica MZ125 dissecting scopes for general observation and sorting of zebrafish embryos and larvae; two MVX10 dissecting scopes for higher magnification observation, fluorescent imaging, and picture documentation with color cameras; and an Olympus BX63 upright microscope with sensitive camera, fluorescent light, and 4x, 10X, 20X, 40X, 63X, and 100X optics for high resolution imaging of larvae and sections.