Aquatic Zebrafish Core



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The Aquatic Zebrafish Core provides services using the small vertebrate zebrafish as a model for human disease and to study gene function.

There are numerous reasons to model a disease in a fish, including the rapid, five-day development of zebrafish and the ability to image whole organs in vivo and perform time-lapse analysis. Also, zebrafish models give us the ability to complete drug screens by simply adding your drug to 100uL of fish water, perform behavioral analysis, and make it easy to create knock-outs and transgenic lines.

The Zebrafish Core serves all researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania as well as outside organizations. We aim to make the zebrafish model accessible to everyone – from clinicians without their own labs to principal investigators with well-established projects.

For more information about zebrafish and CHOP's Zebrafish Core, please visit the Zebrafish Core WIKI page and log in with your CHOP credentials.