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eTRACK is a web-based system for submission, routing, approval and management of clinical research studies.

The goal of the system is to create an integrated, transparent system that serves as a single portal for all CHOP clinical research studies by:

  • Implementing an on-line budget tool that uses pre-approved pricing.
  • Tracking status of budget negotiations, contract execution and IRB approval.
  • Registering research study participants and tracking study visits and procedures.
  • Recording contract milestones to trigger when revenue is earned and should be collected.

Please use your CHOP Active Directory credentials to log into eTRACK. These are the same as you use for the CHOP network and Kronos. If you have questions contact IS Support Center x4HELP (4-4357).

Request Access to this module in eResearch

In order to access this module:

  • You must have an Active Directory (AD) account at CHOP
  • You must first request access to eResearch

Once your request is approved, you can access any of the eResearch modules.

eResearch access grants access to all eResearch modules (eIRB, eSPA, etc).


Suite of tools for streamlining business processes.

eResearch is an electronic portal designed to boost study teams’ productivity.