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Wet Lab, Clinical Research, and Core Facilities Ramp-up

Published on
May 19, 2020

We are immensely grateful and appreciative for your flexibility in adapting to these challenging times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Research Institute continues to run in accordance with all guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, as well as state and local orders and regulations. While we encourage personnel to work from home whenever possible, we acknowledge “in lab” work on campus is vital to advance and achieve our research goals.

On May 26, 2020, Principal Investigators of wet labs and those performing clinical research will begin to “dip a toe in the water” to carry out research on campus safely and cautiously. Principal Investigators are carefully and thoughtfully preparing for a gradual, staged increase in effort to keep a low number of total people on the RI campus at any one time.

As of May 26, labs can ramp up to 25% staffing at any one time.
For example: Lab members plus PI =12 people. Three total may be on the CHOP RI campus at any one time.

Three sets of guidelines are available to help direct the gradual, staged process:

Additional clinical research ramp-up support materials will be released shortly.

We will remain flexible to pivot research activities to next stage, or pivot back as epidemiological data drive decisions.

Principal Investigators will work with their staff members individually to communicate best practices for returning to the lab, taking into consideration existing challenges and commuting needs.

Please note: All PIs and research staff will be assigned to take a COVID-19 safety training module in “MyCareer Learning” prior to returning to the RI campus. If the PI or staff member is unable to access the training module remotely, please arrange with ResearchSafety [at] (Research Safety) to complete as soon as possible upon return to campus.

Thank you for patience and consideration as we navigate this gradual, staged plan for in-lab work. Your health and safety remain top priority: Stay vigilant in monitoring symptoms and reporting concerns to your personal physician and the CHOP COVID-19 Hotline: 1-800-722-7112.