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New High Throughput Sequencing Core Opens

Published on December 1, 2021 in Announcements · Last updated 11 months 1 week ago


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The newly launched High Throughput Sequencing (HTS) Core provides access to next-generation sequencing on Illumina® platforms. The staff provides consultation on experimental design, library preparation, and sequencing parameters for a broad range of projects. We are here to listen and create solutions.

The HTS Core has capabilities ranging from highly focused analysis of target DNA amplicon sequencing and miRNAs to whole genome, epigenome, exome, and transcriptome sequencing. Services are available for a diversity of study designs; starting from a few samples to large projects involving hundreds of samples, we are working with investigators to provide optimized and customized protocols for each study. The Core develops new applications to accommodate state-of-the-art next-generation sequencing technologies.
Project submissions and pricing information are available through the HTS Sequencing Core iLab portal.

For general inquiries, scheduling, and for additional information on services, please email HTSCore [at] (HTSCore[at]chop[dot]edu). Call 267-425-0106 ext. 50106 (office). Or contact orendovict [at] (Teodora Orendovici), PhD, Technical Director, HTS Core.