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Keeping All People Safe: Hand Hygiene, Mask Wearing, and Physical Distancing

Published on July 16, 2020 in Announcements · Last Updated 2 years 8 months ago


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As the Research Institute continues to ramp-up our return to research, practicing excellent hand hygiene, mask wearing, and maintaining physical distance are proven stars of infection prevention and essential to our success.

The purpose of Universal Masking is to prevent exposures and minimize the risk of transmission – and it’s working! Since the Universal Masking Policy went into effect March 30, the number of staff exposures and transmissions of SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, has gone down.

Keeping each other and our patients safe is our top priority. For some of us, wearing a mask all day is new and can feel awkward or uncomfortable. If you notice a colleague not adhering to the Universal Masking Policy, please share a polite reminder. If someone asks you to wear your mask appropriately, please accept the reminder gracefully. Our ability to continue the research ramp-up depends on each of us doing our part.

Even though we’re trying our best, it’s human nature to occasionally falter. If an individual or group is having ongoing difficulty with pandemic protocols, submitting a safety reporting request through KAPS (Keeping All People Safe) can serve as a catalyst for education.

In the KAPS system, choose “Infection” on the Icon Wall, then under “Specific Event Type” on the Submission Form, choose “Isolation – Did Not Wear PPE.”

Universal masking, practiced in conjunction with physical distancing and hand hygiene, has enabled the research ramp-up. Let’s continue to support our safety culture and encourage one another.