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COVID-19 Guidance and Testing: Students Working Within CHOP

Published on July 24, 2020 in Announcements · Last Updated 2 years 8 months ago


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Students working within Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia qualify for COVID-19 guidance and testing resources, if deemed appropriate under CHOP guidelines, provided by the Contact Tracing Center through the COVID-19 hotline.

Guidance for students is the same as for other CHOP research institute members: If students are ill or think they are ill, they should stay home. Consult their physician, and call the CHOP COVID-19 hotline: 1-800-722-7112. Students should clearly identify that they are working in a CHOP site to avoid confusion.

Thank you in advance for sharing this information with the students in your lab or patient care setting.

Note: CHOP will not be offering COVID pre-testing for school requirements.