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Call for Faculty Mentor Award Nominations: Due March 23

Published on February 20, 2020 in Announcements · Last updated 1 year ago


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Call for Faculty Mentor Award Nominations: Due Monday, March 23, 2020

The CHOP Faculty Mentor Award honors faculty investigators whose mentoring has helped to produce the next generation of outstanding faculty investigators.

Evidence of successful mentoring may include, but is not limited to, factors such as the impact of mentees’ scientific contributions, achievement of academic independence, funding, and attainment of prestigious academic appointments.

Nominators/letter writers must be current or former mentees of the nominee, and must have an instructor or faculty appointment at CHOP or elsewhere.

Mentor Award recipients must be CHOP-based faculty. Nomination packages must contain three signed letters from current or former mentees detailing the specific ways  mentors have advanced the nominator’s and possibly others’ careers.

(Note: This prestigious award honors faculty-to-faculty mentoring. Nominations for a separate award honoring mentors of trainees will be announced next month.)

Signed letters of nomination must be sent to to Mary Field at [email protected] no later than March 23, 2020.