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Accelerate your Research Funding with Pivot

Published on January 26, 2022 in Announcements · Last updated 2 years 5 months ago


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We are excited to announce a new resource to make finding research funding easier: Pivot. Sponsored by the Office of Faculty Development (OFD), Pivot will be launching in February. With this flexibly designed database, you will be able to find and track funding opportunities that match your unique scientific interests. Pivot will streamline the competitive process of locating and securing research funding so you can focus on making the next breakthrough in pediatric healthcare.

Pivot features a flexible design that allows you to access funding opportunities in a way that works best for you. Whether you prefer to actively search for opportunities, set up funding opportunity alerts, or explore automated funding matches based on your published work, Pivot has a solution for you.

Want to learn more about Pivot? OFD will be hosting virtual live training sessions provided by Pivot’s Customer Success Manager. No need to register, just drop into any session that fits your schedule. Add to calendar links are available below for your convenience. Sessions are open to ALL.

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