Mission and Vision



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We advance the health of children by turning scientific discovery into medical innovation.

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute fulfills Hospital's long-standing dedication to pediatric research and its endeavors are the embodiment of the Hospital's “bench to bedside” philosophy. All research activities at Children's Hospital are administratively organized under the aegis of the CHOP Research Institute.


We will be the preeminent institution in the world dedicated to translational research for children.

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute is world-renown, leading research breakthroughs and medical innovations for more than 90 years. The Institute continues its dedication to translating innovative research findings to outstanding patient care. This commitment to excellence will move the CHOP Research Institute from a world-class research institute to the undisputed leader in improving the health of children.

The Research Institute faculty and staff are dedicated to supporting research at all levels — from investigators at the height of their careers to those who are exploring research as their future career.