3550 Market Street

Directly across the street from 3535 Market is another facility that houses research programs, 3550 Market Street. With a Growth and Nutrition Laboratory and a Center for Human Phenomic Science (CHPS) outpatient clinic, this facility supports studies with healthy volunteers who do not require the more specialized services available at the main hospital, with the expectation that these volunteers will be moved through their studies in a more timely and user-friendly manner than is possible at the Hospital, where emergencies take priority.

In addition to CHPS outpatient clinic and a nutrition and growth laboratory with dedicated research nursing and support staff, radiology, phlebotomy and basic clinical lab facilities are available in this facility. The Hospital's primary care practice, faculty practice, adolescent medicine and special immunology outpatient offices are also located here.

3440 Market Street

In 2004, the Behavioral Health Center opened 20,000 square feet of new clinical and clinical research facilities as well as administrative offices at 3440 Market Street. Clinical offices designed to assess and treat families, observation rooms outfitted with audio-visual equipment, research staff space, physical examination rooms, three conference rooms designed to accommodate group treatment sessions, faculty offices, medical records rooms, a freezer and phlebotomy station all support the needs of clinical investigators. The space also has ample space for trainees who are involved in research training with faculty members.