Colket Translational Research Building

First opened in 2009, the Colket Translational Research Building is Research Institute’s newest facility. The Colket Translational Research Building’s 773,000 square feet of space — 289,000 of which is devoted to research — provide flexible state-of-the-art laboratory facilities that not only advance the Hospital’s world-class research program but also enables the Research Institute to recruit top-level investigators. Currently standing 11 stories, the Colket Translational Building is designed to expand vertically to 23 stories to account for future growth.

In addition, the Colket Translational Research Building is a “green” building, having achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, certification. LEED is an internationally recognized rating system for environmentally responsible buildings.

Design approaches that led to the certification include thermal windows; light-colored roofing and paving materials to reduce the heat-island effect that can create a warmer microclimate in urban areas; an energy-recovery system for the heating, ventilating and air conditioning system; the use of highly reflective materials around the windows to reduce the amount of solar radiation through the windows; and the use of wood furniture and casework made of materials that meet the criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council, which encourages socially responsible forest management practices.

The Colket Translational Research Building is located in The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s South Campus, and is within easy walking distance of Abramson Research Center — to which it is connected by a pedestrian bridge — as well as the Hospital’s main campus.