Research at Children's Hospital is enhanced by its state-of-the-art facilities. Laboratory research is conducted in the Leonard and Madlyn Abramson Pediatric Research Center, a 535,000 square foot building first opened in 1995. In addition to 93 lab modules, the Abramson Pediatric Research Center also houses 8 core facilities, which provide state-of-the-art shared research resources to Hospital investigators.

Most of the Hospital's clinical research is housed in the North Campus of the Hospital at 3440 Market. The Behavioral Health Center at 3440 and the outpatient Center for Human Phenomic Science (CHPS) at 3550 Market St., are creating an important hub for clinical research outside the main Hospital buildings.

Much clinical research also takes place in the Hospital's clinical facilities – the Main Hospital, the Wood Ambulatory Center and the Children's Seashore House. The Clinical Trials Office and the Center for Human Phenomic Science (CHPS) are located on the main campus.

Children's Hospital has ambitious plans for continuing the expansion of its research enterprise by adding as much as 1.5 million square feet over the next decade on land immediately adjacent to its main campus. This expansion will bring clinical and laboratory researchers into closer proximity with ambulatory patient care, consistent with the idea that every patient may potentially become involved in a research project.

It is also anticipated that the locus for clinical research will expand beyond the main campus to increasingly utilize the Hospital's ambulatory network. Additionally, the Hospital's facility development plans include new space for clinical cores, support mechanisms and research program staff on the Hospital's main campus.

First opened in 2009, the Colket Translational Research Building is Research Institute’s newest facility. The Colket Translational Research Building’s 773,000 square feet of space — 289,000 of which is devoted to research — provide flexible state-of-the-art laboratory facilities that not only advance the Hospital’s world-class research program but also enables the Research Institute to recruit top-level investigators. Currently standing 11 stories, the Colket Translational Building is designed to expand vertically to 23 stories to account for future growth.