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Upcoming CAR Events

December 01, 2015

Michael Mercadante, M.S., Founder & Instructor at Modern Driving Institute, Amy LaGrotte McCann, M.Ed.,
Next Steps Into Adulthood for Individuals on the Spectrum, Session 6: Transportation, Recreation, and Community Participation

December 08, 2015

Anthony Rostain, MD, MA, Director of the Developmental Neuropsychiatry Program at CHOP, & Carol Moog, PhD, Licensed Pyshcologist & Author;
Next Steps Into Adulthood for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Session 7: Dating & Relationships on the Spectrum

December 16, 2015

Comprehensive information session for parents and professionals, including presentations and Q&A with experts,
Next Steps Workshop for Professionals Serving Children with Autism

Welcome to the Center for Autism Research

Though 1 in 88 individuals has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD or autism), the causes for ASD are not yet fully known and there is no cure (and healthy debate as to if there should be) and few truly effective treatments.

The mission of the Center for Autism Research (CAR) is to make rapid progress in understanding the underlying causes of autism. Our mission is based on the principle that effective treatments for ASD will only emerge with increased understanding of the causes. Our ultimate goal is to discover which treatments work best for which individuals, based on genetic, brain imaging, and behavioral profiles. To this end, we evaluate hundreds of children each year through research studies at our Center.

CAR's mission also extends to training the next generation of clinical and research experts devoted to ASD. Currently there are waiting lists to access autism services all across the United States, largely due to a dearth of experienced providers. Clinical and research fellows who complete CAR's rigorous training program have the foundation to become leaders in the field.

In addition to the big picture vision aimed at improving treatments and access to services in the long run, CAR is committed to serving the needs of families living with ASD now. CAR is a resource to these families, providing education, service guidance, and extensive diagnostic and developmental evaluations free of charge through our research protocols.

CAR is comprised of a group of tireless and passionate scientists, clinicians, and research support staff who are committed at all levels of the organization to making a difference in the lives of families affected by ASD.

Research Highlights

View our video interview with the Ott family to learn more about their family's experience with autism.

Parents needed for online study

Parents needed for online study to help us develop a new questionnaire for anxiety in children with ASD.

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