Children's Hospital is an independent entity but has strong ties with the University of Pennsylvania. Together, these two institutions create an extraordinarily rich intellectual and scientific community. They operate within a collegial and collaborative atmosphere that facilitates academic exchange.

Most investigators at Children's Hospital are members of the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania. In this role, they actively participate in the life of the university and collaborate closely with other university researchers.

The connection to the School of Medicine is especially close. There are six academic departments at Children's Hospital – PediatricsSurgeryAnesthesiology and Critical Care MedicinePathology, Radiology and Psychiatry. Pediatrics operates as a fully integrated department of both Children's Hospital and The University. The remaining five departments share staff and resources with their corresponding departments within the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Children's Hospital maintains a wide variety of resources – such as the core facilities and administrative support services – but investigators also have access to resources at the University of Pennsylvania. These resources and services include the University Core facilitiesresearch resourcesCell Center, and Biomedical Library.